Master Lecturers

Master Lecturers


Dr. Gerardo A. Salazar Chávez

Department of Botany, Autonomous University of Mexico.
Master of Science (Plant Biology) and PhD in Botany from the University of London.
His main research areas are: Evolutionary Biology, Floristics and Taxonomy and Phylogenetic Systems, particularly Neotropical orchids.


Dr. Chang-Hsien Yang

Vice President and Professor at the National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan.
PhD in Genetics at UC Davis University and post doctorate at Berkeley.
Dr. Chang focuses on the study of the mechanisms that control the transition, organ formation and senescence of flowers.
His studies on orchid genetics have been published in journals such as Nature Plants, Plants Journal, Plant Physiology and other well-known publications.
His achievements have been widely recognized and awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and by the Ministry of Education.


Günter Gerlach Phd.

Günter Gerlach is a curator at the Botanical Garden in Munich, Germany, where, along with other plant collections, he is responsible for the orchid collection. He started as an orchid gardener in the Botanical Garden in Heidelberg (Germany), where he graduated studying orchids.
He has published more than 140 articles on Neotropical plants, especially orchids. His monograph on the genus Coryanthes is well known.

Currently he dedicates more time to the study of the pollination of Stanhopeinae, Catasetinae and other plants with the perfume syndrome. By analyzing the composition of floral aromas, he wants to extract implications of this phenomenon for the systematics and taxonomy of these groups.

Dr. Gerlach has travelled extensively through the Latin America rainforests, always with the goal of elucidating the pollination of orchids visited by Euglosid male bees collecting perfume in flowers.


Lauren M. Gardiner

MA in Natural Sciences, MSc in Plant Diversity (Taxonomy and Evolution) and PhD in Phylogenetics and Conservation of the Vanda Genus. Worked at the Kew for 11 years.
Currently works as the herbarium curator at the University of Cambridge. Member of the Orchid Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society, and of the IUCN «Commission of Specialists for the Conservation of Orchid, Palms and Trees Species».
Her research has covered different botany areas, including species conservation, systemic and new species, description, e-taxonomy, ethnobotany and a range of molecular techniques.


Juan Luis Mejia Arango

Abogado de la UPB.
Fue Director general del Instituto de Cultura transformándolo en el Ministerio de Cultura.
Fue cónsul de Colombia en Sevilla y Ministro de Cultura.
Es rector de la Universidad Eafit desde el 2004 y miembro de la Real Academia de la Lengua.
Es un amante de las orquídeas y la historia.
Ha transformado la sede de la Universidad en una muestra permanente de orquídeas.


Daniel Prat

After obtaining his PhD in reproduction of plants at the Paris-South University in 1982, Daniel Prat devoted himself to scientific research in forest genetics. He later became a full-time professor at the University of Lyon, in France, where he has developed a training for the reproduction of plants, including the application of In vitro cultivation, molecular markers and methods of reproduction. He is currently in charge of the vegetal biology laboratory group.
In 1980, after many years interested in orchids, he became a member of the French Orchid Society. He is still in charge of its scientific committee and has contributed to the publication of some of their books.
Daniel has supported the project Orchisavage, a web platform that collects and shares observations on wild orchids.
His main interests are diversity, evolution and reproduction. He is currently focused on the research of the genus Epipactis.