About the SCO

The Sociedad Colombiana de Orquideología was born in April 1964 with 28 amateur members studying and growing orchids. Today, the Society has 245 active members. In 1971, the Society successfully held the 7th World Orchid Conference with the participation of 62 exhibitors and more than 100.000 attendees.

Every year the exhibition «Orchids, Flowers and Crafts», the second largest of its kind in the world, is held in Medellín. An average of 95,000 attendees visit the exhibition each year. It’s 26th version will take place in August 2019, during the Scientific Conference and within the framework of the City’s Flower Fair. One of the great attractions of this exhibition for growers and scientists is the large variety of Andean orchid species exhibited.

In addition to this event, the Society organizes orchid exhibitions in several cities in Antioquia and participates in national exhibitions held by other orchid associations in the country.

Members receive two issues of the Orchidology Magazine containing scientific articles and a monthly newsletter.

The conservation of orchids is one of the primary objectives of the Sociedad Colombiana de Orquideología. In 2016, after a very careful search, a 200-hectare property was purchased in the municipality of Jardín, Antioquia, to create the «Orchids» reserve. The objective of this property is to keep a reserve of forest in perpetuity, protecting all its inhabitants, among which the great diversity of orchids is vital.


Orchids Reserve


EAFIT is not just a university to study and learn, but also a place to research, innovate, create, travel, learn about other cultures, feel well, stay …

Under the concept of University/Park, EAFIT’s campus in Medellín hosts most of the services and academic programs offered by the institution. 106,520 square meters house classrooms, offices, laboratories, sports facilities, auditoriums, and other services that support research, academic, sport, cultural and recreational activities. Native trees, shrubs and a wide variety of flowers and orchids can be found all over campus.

The classroom buildings, offices, laboratories and other concrete constructions mix with green areas that make EAFIT a University Park, where the fauna and flora take on a special relevance.